Guess What We Learned In School Today, Daddy?

Guess What We Learned In School Today, Daddy?

If you’ve been reading my blog awhile, you’re getting the feel for my mood swings. One day you laugh at humor, the next you are lifted with words of encouragement. My promise to you was that at some point, I would make you look like a certifiable homeschooling rock star clothed in a mother-of-the-year headdress.

Here’s the latest self-induced shenanigan.

We’re living in a new city. And if you know anything about certain parts of North Carolina, you know there are a lot of trees. Some block the road signs and make every street look the same. But thankfully, I have my lady friend, Ms. Google Maps, to guide me to the store, bank, and every other place I go.

So after gathering the kids for a much-needed outdoor adventure to our favorite wooded park, we take off. It’s our 4th trip to this particular park, but Ms. Google takes us on a different route each and every time. Needless to say, I haven’t learned to rely on my own brain when driving because I am, what some might say, directionally challenged.

Guess What We Learned In School Today, Daddy?

Long story short, Ms. Google leads me through the craziest part of the city I’ve ever seen. You know, the one the realtor told us to stay away from, as in don’t go there at night.

Well, it’s noonish and the sun is shining. Harmless, right? I pulled over to the side of the road to visit Google.

By now, I have screamed at Lady Google twice and mumbled a few obscenities under my breath so the kids couldn’t hear. That’s when I heard my daughter yell that a man was banging on the back window and peeing on the car. Oh, I heard the bang and my daughter scream. I also felt my guardian angel slap me upside the head and tell me to drive like a bat out of…

My angel’s a feisty one.

My toddler starts crying, my oldest screams at the top of her lungs for me to drive, and Madame Google heckles me in the background.

Today, my kids have learned that their mother swears under pressure and has a difficult time following directions.

I am going to the carwash now and buying a paper map. Go ahead – call me old school.

So, how was your day?


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About the Author: Brenda K. Rufener is an internationally published writer and homeschool parent of two daughters. She prefers to be called “Her Royal Highness” but no one listens. She settles for mom, wife and friend. You can follow Brenda on:  Facebook TwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest.

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  1. 1

    Carla says

    At the end there, when you said “go ahead- call me old school” you forgot the “I dare you!” lol

  2. 2


    Oh man. Our moving truck comes tomorrow!!! This is our 6th move in 9 yrs…I fully depend on GPS systems of all kinds. Could not do w/o them…but we have gone to the strangest places!!!

  3. 3

    Crystal says

    Well, after deciding my 5 year is not feeling good and neither am I, I decided, today is as good as any to have a break.

  4. 4

    Tracey says

    Really I’ve been trying to stick with if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all. But since you asked… I had an 11 year old boy tell me he was right and I was wrong today when I said that 5% of $147 is $7.35. He said it was $3 and he was the math genius in his family. I had to call his mom over to convince him I actually might be right.

    I thought you might like this one. Yesterday someone said to me “Oh, you’re a homeschooler, not an educator.”

    • 5

      Marie says

      Did you say ‘why, thank you!’?

  5. 6

    Kim Ruger says

    Oh, Brenda, you made me giggle today! Yep, we all have days like that. Hope you’re getting settled in your new home and finding your “normal”! LOL.

  6. 7

    Justin says

    I have come to the conclusion that GPS doesn’t work in Montreal. Why? Because last time I was there, using a GPS, there was construction on the highway (let’s be honest here – there’s probably still construction on the highway…it’s Montreal…)

    Highway was closed, follow detour. So I follow the detour signs, GPS protesting all the way, eventually can’t find any more detour signs, figure it has taken me far enough, follow GPS, and….hey this looks familiar…oh, the highway is closed, follow the detour…

    We ended up at the same detour 3 times before we stopped and asked for directions.

  7. 8

    Shannon says

    You poor thing. You must be in Raleigh or Durham (I’m from there). I haven’t lived there in 20 years, but I still get lost when I come to see my parents! So sorry!

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