15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Homeschool Mom

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Mess With a Homeschool Mom

Let’s face it, homeschool moms are tough. They don’t hide behind the scenes, but boot up and wade through the trenches of learning muck – all for the good of their children.

They make decisions on the fly, are quick on their feet, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Mess with the homeschool mom (or her kids) and you’re bound to get the short end of the stick.

Here are 15 reasons why you should never mess with a homeschool mom:

1.  She has a laminator and knows how to use it.

2.  She often mumbles to herself, and claims she’s having a parent-teacher conference. Some may perceive this as craziness, to the homeschool mom, it’s normal.

3.  She can juggle a meal, fold clothes, and teach a spelling lesson, all while holding a baby on her hip. You may even call her a multi-tasker. {Gasp}

4.  She’s protective of her kids, to the point of psychotic. Urban legend claims the term mama-bear originated from the homeschool mom. Research is pending.

5.  She’s got moves like Jagger. Runs from room to room, putting out fires, or even starting a few of her own.

6.  She’s wise beyond years, constantly studying, researching and growing, to keep ahead of her brood of youngins.

7.  She’s not afraid to wear PJs after 10 a.m. or yoga pants ALL. DAY. LONG.

8.  She almost never calls in sick.

9.  She makes a list and checks it twice, or three and four times depending on how Type A she is.

10. She’ll go toe-to-toe with any stranger who questions in the wrong tone or before she’s had a second cup of coffee – “What about socialization?”

11. She stares algebra in the eye and makes y run from x. She will later tell a bad math joke – Dear Algebra, stop asking us to locate your X, she’s never coming back. {Insert evil laugh}

12. She’s been known to cancel school and declare a sun day, instead of a snow day, just because, she can.

13. She handles dead animals and bugs with ease, all in the name of science.

14. She’s not afraid to face the Warden of Words (the librarian) to square up on late fees.

15. She won’t claim harassment when the ‘principal‘ pats her backside.

Why do you think a homeschool mom is a force to be reckoned with?

About the AuthorBrenda K. Rufener is an internationally published writer and homeschool parent of two daughters. You can follow Brenda on Facebook Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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  1. 1

    Upstate mama says

    I love the last one. We often joke in my house about the principal sexually harassing the teacher.

  2. 2

    Brenda Kaye Rufener says

    Thank you. We have a similar joke around here, although, sometimes in my house – I’m the only one who finds it hilarious. 😉

  3. 3


    My husband loves telling people he is sleeping with his daughters teacher….ha! :)

    • 4

      Brenda Kaye Rufener says

      Oh no Christy – that’s too funny. :-)

    • 5


      Hubby’s been very actively involved in teaching, and when he comes up for coffee, the kids tease that teacher’s having an affair with their mom. :-)

  4. 7


    THIS mama bear just wrote an article for ezine articles now. Said article will be printed and distributed to uninformed neighbors in an effort to drag them out of 1960’s public school bliss and into the present-day party which is called “education”. How on earth seeing my precious, child-prodigy, stimulated homeschoolers compared to the public school misfits in our complex who hang around like wet farts staring at each other all day doesn’t show them the power of a homeschool family, I would never understand… TSK!

    • 9

      Brenda Kaye Rufener says

      Thank you. Yes, I agree – too good to pass up sometimes. :-)

  5. 10

    Rebecca says

    Regarding the socialization question, my husband answered a bit too truthfully with a stranger the other day. He said, ” We homeschool to keep our children away from yours. If you accost strangers for homeschooling then I can bet your children instigate trouble too.”

    • 11

      Sharon says

      LOVE that one!! PERFECT!! Going to file that one away for next time someone asks me!!!

    • 13


      Oh, that’s brazen. But, it’s one of the best replies I’ve ever heard!

    • 14

      Lisa says

      That is an awesome reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 15


    Hilarious list, Brenda! And all true! Are homeschoolers the only ones who enjoy bad math jokes?

    • 16

      Brenda Kaye Rufener says

      Thanks Jonelle. Yes, I wonder about the ‘bad math jokes’ too. 😉

  7. 17

    k says

    Love the list. Dislike the last one. Am I the only one who hates when the husband does that?

  8. 19

    Amanda says

    Ha! Love #7. I’m wearing yoga pants right now at 12:00 pm. Of course, we did DO yoga stretches for PE. Still, I’m NOT taking them off. Ha!

  9. 20

    Talia says

    Love your sense of humor! I needed a laugh after a day like today. :)

    • 21

      Brenda Kaye Rufener says

      Thank you Talia. :-)

  10. 22

    anne says

    Guilty of them all…haha..funny list 😉

  11. 23


    Love your sense of humor!! Really, Love it Love it!! congratulations, what a gift! I really enjoyed this post. Count me in!!

    Lots of blessings!!

  12. 24

    Amy K says

    Here is what I don’t understand… We are literally keeping to ourselves here at our house… Most of the time!! I do not have the spare time to question other parents choices about education…. So why do perfect strangers think that it is ok to question ours?!?! I don’t get this!! And answer number 10 I think it was by the dad…… GO DAD!!!

  13. 25


    She knows how to harvest bacteria from common sources to turn one type of food into another (yogurt, beer, etc).
    She has watched many, many hours of martial arts training, and just as soon as she’s done with her coffee, she will not be afraid to try it out.
    She can hurl insults in Latin.
    Her children claim to have a fully equipped army in their Minecraft world that could take down anything and anyone.

  14. 26


    All except the dead animal thing. You would think being a veterinarian would take car of that, but no, I cannot stand dead things! Actually the bugs are worse then any animal! If it is alive I catch it and throw it out. If it is dead I call my husband! lol
    Ashley recently posted…Night of the Moonjellies Sensory TableMy Profile

  15. 28


    I absolutely loved this, and LOVE all the comments!

    Me? yeah, dead animals and bugs…. dead animals are sort of ok, depending on how they died. But bugs? blech! I generally call my hubby for the bugs. Though I have been known to leave out scraps for the mouse that we have in the kitchen (no it is NOT a pet, not in the real “pet” sense of the word, but…. I can’t stand the thought of killing it! Though I have no issues with killing a chicken or something else to provide meat for my family…. (SO wish we lived on a farm!)
    Lenora recently posted…Christmas is coming…. want some ideas for gifts?My Profile

  16. 29

    Cj says

    This sounds terrifying… I have to be all that? I’m maybe not crazy enough to homeschool. I’m afraid.

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