9 Homeschooling stereotypes that are only a little bit true

9 Homeschool Stereotypes That Are Only A Little Bit True

The following is a guest post written by Kara Anderson of Quill and Camera. The first homeschooler I ever met scared the heck out of me. I entered her home and saw signs everywhere telling me and my then-infant son how to share, how long to wash our hands, and where to sit for time-out. It […]

7 Habits of Incredibly Happy Homeschool Parents

7 Habits of Incredibly Happy Homeschool Parents.jpg

We hear a lot about being an effective parent. How to be extremely effective, highly successful, and exuberantly efficient. As if effectiveness is the key to happiness – the key to life. But what about happiness? Isn’t happiness what we truly want? The carrot at the end of our hot pursuit? I’m not talking about […]

Life As A Homeschooling Mom – Anything But Predictable and Perfect

Life As A Homeschooling Mom

Like parenting, homeschooling is anything but predictable. Sure, days run smoother than others, but unforeseeable moments happen. Add a toddler, a baby, two kids, or eight, and you are bound to witness some chaos. My first year of homeschooling was touch and go. The learning part I hammered out, but the home portion needed revamping. […]

What Exactly Is Eclectic Homeschooling? The Pros and Cons

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Eclectic homeschooling – what does that mean? In high school, and first couple years of college, I threw around token phrases like, “she’s eclectic” or “he’s an eclectic.” As if a broad range of style and taste would result in a warranted exchange of communication. Particularly, of the male persuasion. He majors in business, plays […]

The Big Bad Middle School Literature List (Grades 5-8) (Ages 9-14+)

The Big Bad Middle School Literature List

100 must-read classical literature books for kids (modern literature selections and Newberry winners) “‘Classic’ – a book which people praise and don’t read.” – Mark Twain Let’s not be those people. 1.  Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – by Arthur Conan Doyle 2.  Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – by Mark Twain 3.  The Adventures of Tom […]

The Little Things No One Tells You About Homeschooling

The Little Things No One Tells You About Homeschooling

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~ Robert Brault No one tells you that you’ll feel like giving up, or that you’ll over-schedule, under-sleep, and forget to eat. How your first few weeks of homeschool will feel like your first few months of parenthood. […]